Monday, December 13, 2010

Updates updates!

(director, writer, actress, and producer Caitlin hard at the grind stone)

Hello again.

So Here we are, ready for some more updates to you wonderful people.

So we got a twitter page up and running, as well as a Tumblr page. You can find both under Rabbitfilm.

We also are very proud to announce that we have the film CASTED! So congrats to Hussain Rajan, Damien Alexander, Scott MacDonald, Jack Brayer, and Kristin Slaney!
Hussain = Morgan, Ellie's ex boyfriend/lost love
Damien = Jason, Musician and casual hook up for Ellie
Jack = Jeff, rebound boyfriend after Morgan
Scott = Connor, Ellie's adoring co-worker.
Kristin = Roommate from hell!

I think the most exciting part has been the amount of positive feedback I receive from people when I tell them the story plot. As well the amount of interest/curiosity people express when they hear it. It gives it this feeling that this film in some way is relatable to people.

Fund raising commences full on. I feel as though I should be standing victoriously with a sword pointed outwards in a gesture of "onwards! to victory!" Or something to that effect.

So I continue plugging away, trying to weigh the pros and cons of inventing a time stopping machine. pro...inventing it and stopping time, con, is the time inventing it counter productive?

Rabbit out!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Adventures of film making

For those of you Who aren't already in the know, I am in the process of writing, directing, producing, casting, managing, acting in a roughly 30 minute Short called "Rabbit"

Rabbit is about a young woman who looses the love of her life due to her own inability to deal with reality. While still hurt and pinning over the loss of her ex, she throws herself into the arms of those who will have her. Moving out from her boyfriend's apartment she then moves in with what becomes a hell of a roommate. Finding herself in unhealthy relationships, and in a unhealthy living situation her ability to deal with life becomes worse and worse. Using day dreams, booze, and her roommate as her scapegoat to blind herself to her biggest enemy...

So there is the summary for the film, I am near the finish line of completely the script, and just beginning the crazy and endless process of getting this film in gear. We're not actually scheduled to shoot till April which is great, because time is something I need plenty of. Taking on the job as the writer, director, producer, caster, actor, manager of this film has been a very great learning experience. Especially when it comes down to logistics of making a film. There's lots to be considered, and lots to do if one is going to pull of filming something of any considerable length. For a first film I realize this may be a bit ambitious, but the will is there.

I am getting lots of great positive feedback from people in general, and in the film community. I have auditions scheduled with some pretty great characters I think, and some people who time willing are more then happy to take a crappy pay to help pull this off. There's been obnouxious advice, and advice that even if discouraging is at least preparing me to be ready to bring it if I am going to pull off something this long and do it with out ending in bad vibes, and sad faces all around.

So stay tuned!